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8 pages about skinonskinonskin for a spanish magazine.
i want to tell them how they got it all wrong
what they missed.
i need to get away from the personal narrative what i want to say is about the world. the wired.
wish i had a transcription of what was said in Amsterdam.

We are not just the consumers of technology. We strive to make something.
Living apart we came together and made the (possibly) first net art pay-per-view project, possibly the last.
skinonskinonskin. love for sale.
A project of the 20th century Internet. It is still best seen in Netscape 4. It’s code has not been updated and probably never will be.

Love and code.
There will always be a special place in my heart for Netscape 4. In 1999 it was the only browser that was the same on a Mac and on Windows. I was on a Mac he was on Windows. One morning after a night when we met, online, in the wires. I open my mail to find a link to a page “breath.html”
Do artists and designers still work somewhere in secret... come together in clandestine meetings on locked servers? Whispers to each other left in the source code?

Now we live in a 21st century Internet. Is there time for this kind of love, one that does not adhere to any standards, does not care that it does not validate? ...Where the backgrounds are black or gray, guilty, never white...

Not just text on a screen but the opening to an entire new heart.

skinonskinonskin is a project made by michael and i in 1999. it started the day after we met. he sent me a link to breath.html a page on a locked server. i sent him the page To this day people sitll think was our project. believe me it was not. skinonskinonskin was created there, it is also where we met but there were many, many other people there also. it was a good project at the time. it seemed that the time was right to release our love to the world. and to leave our old lives behind.

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