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Trail: 2006-05-08 one last thing

2006-05-08 one last thing

normally i would be going to bed about now but instead i’m waking up and getting on a plane. so just one more thing before i go.
i used to love to fly. i don’t so much anymore, is that because i’m so much more comfortable here. on the ground? anyway, i think last time i flew somewhere i
bequeethed my ribcage to NN
no wait that was before my operation. but it still holds true.
anyway, my mother, got sick yesterday. look after her. i can remember that i was in Luxembourg (getting the commission to make The Enldess Forest btw.) when my grandmother’s funeral took place. I have no _idea when my fathers birthday is.
all i’m saying is that alot of things can happen
thats all i’m saying

four days without the network might feel like an eternity but i will probably dig it... i think i will love eternity.
somewhere on my laptop, which remains here on the desk while i am flug through space, and on my wiki, you will find everything i own, everything i felt, everything i care about encapsulated.... the condensed version of 34 years.
maybe its the lack of sleep,
if Michael’s not at home
i leave all my handmade sketchbooks to LJ:lli and all the wire bound notebooks to LJ:gholemcup

dear world,
infidel defilers
you shall all drown in lakes of blood
now you will know why you are afraid of the dark.
now you learn why you fear the night.

okay, going
love, Auriea.