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Meeting with ArtCasting in Oudenaarde on 2017-03-02:

2017-03-02 ArtCasting a wall with some of their work for many prominent belgian artists. Fabre, de bruyckere etc.

  1. a short wait, offered a drink (chose sparkling water). met with a fellow, very professional. sat down and we talked in depth about my project.
  2. before I had the Shapeways model back I’d emailed that I wanted it cast solid. He told me there is a big difference in casting methods hollow or solid. That they do investment casting but my head had been made with vacuum casting, and for such things they work with an outside person who specializes in small detailed casting work.
    1. so i will get it printed hollow by them as a test, but i told him that i wasn’t happy with the size of the hole in the bottom, the smaller the better i said.
      1. you don’t really pay for the bronze but for the time it takes to make the mold, cast and finish the piece. they will give an estimate and keep track of the time.
  3. they can also produce the wax prints for me. but he found getting a wax printer for myself was a cool idea. Goals.
  4. asked if I am happy with the texture left over on the model from the 3d printed wax process. Yes.
    1. never expect the work to get better in bronze. what ever is in the wax will be exactly what you get in the bronze.
    2. they have to work to preserve small details which of course would be smoothed in polishing. (he was happy i already knew this)
  5. There was a huge wall of patina finishes. I said I would enjoy experimenting with their processes eventually but that I’d enjoy learning how to patina, paint, finish my sculptures myself.
    1. entirely possible, he said. suggested i find a book with formulas. but be careful.
  6. was more than ok with me using this as an opportunity to learn about the casting process. i can come there and view things that they make for me in their facility, be present and have control over the final outcome if they are doing the finishing.
  7. they’ve kept my wax and bronze sample in order give send an estimate, i miss them. ha.