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Trail: ComputerAssistedDrawing




Moxi (watercolor/ink simulation)



misc trad painting

Most all of these have some form of ‘redrawing’ desktop component. Aside from CorelPainter none of the trad desktop applicaitons has a recording feature. why is that?

Alias Sketchbook seems to be the only one with a multipage paradigm.


Rhonda Forever


AutoShop & AutoIllustrator

The Line Drawn & Droom Zacht

I’d love a full featured version of any of these. Especially droom zacht in its animated drawing style. While i like the limitations of color might be interesting to have a more diverse palette. but there is something about a living line. a book of sketches which writhe and squirm in the act of being seen.

Living Concepts

virtual machines that draw to illustrate algorithms
but i think this could be interesting as a way of drawing
a virtual thing that you have some control over
more illusionistic
in the end you get a printed thing made from the collaboration
but watching it is also rewarding and beautiful experience.

watercolor simulations