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 * = not for iPad but i use it on iPad anyway   ! = Don't know what I would do without it.

Convert* - in my opinion the best measurement converter. I got it a long time ago, one of the first apps I bought actually. But nothing has replaced it in my affections or usage. I have to convert things a lot in Europe :p

IncrediBooth - fun photo booth app by the makers of Hipstamatic (but the PhotoBooth app that comes built in is fast becoming a favorite. this one works differently though, more “photo” like effects.

if you don’t have the apps for these sites you really should :)
SoundCloud, Flickr, Pinterest! (better than using the site IMO), Google (in this otherwise useless app is the GoogleGoggles function which lets you take a picture of something then it looks up what it is for you. it’s like magic.), Youtube!, IMDB ( i like to look up stuff about movies and watch movie trailers with this), Flipbaord (looks particularly pretty on the iPad), GoodReads, Pocket!, Evernote! absolutely. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, TouchArcade (for iPhone game reviews, notifications of free games etc.)

Pastebot!* - allows you to paste text and images between your computer and your iPhone. I wish there was an iPad version but I still use it, all the time.

Tweetbot! - may absolute favorite twitter client, And I’ve tried them all!

iFiles - a way to put miscellaneous documents onto your iPad. works via a browser or by mounting the drive of your pad on your computer.

Stuff Apple makes that I find goo to have:
Remote, iPhoto (though not entirely necessary it allows one to make Journals which are a nice way to store a series of photos.), Find my iPhone, Find my Friends (I’ve only ever used this with Marcel), iTunesU!, Podcasts!

FileBrowser! - for when you want to get files off your computer without a lot of fuss. It just reads from any computer on the network that has sharing turned on. Can also be used to unzip files and other handy things.

OPlayer HD! - say you have a movie on your laptop but want to watch it on your iPad but you don’t want to copy it to the iPad. Just turn your computer on and browse to it via this app and you can stream the movie from your laptop, watching it on your iPad.

Adobe Reader, GoodReader - I use both of these for reading PDF files. I prefer GoodReader for functionality but sometimes the color is wrong in some PDF files, I know not why… in those cases I use Adobe Reader.

Poetry by the Poetry Foundation! and The Poetry App - for all your emergency poetic needs.

Frankenstein - really nice interactive book based on the real frankenstein
Frankenstein - scholarly thing about the book, from the NY Public Library

Glo Bible! - this is the first thing that has enabled me to read and actually understand the old and new testament. It puts the stories of the Bible into context with images and movies and interactive features. has study and reading plans. Very well made.
Laudate - I’ve learned a lot about Catholicism from this app.
Introducing Philosophy
Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors - Sometimes I need these as reference
Roman Forum - simulation of what it may have looked like before it was ruins.

Cubits - download 3d models from the Google Earth project. Interesting way to study architecture

NyanCat!, NobyNobyBoy! - fun funfunfufun nonstop ;))))!/id432805198?mt=8

CandleGlow - virtual candles. i just like it.

StarWalk, SolarWalk - I’ve tried many star charts and virtual orrery, but these are the ones i actually use when i need to reference the sky.

StreetViewShuffle! - teleport to a random place on earth and look around
Europe -
WorldView -