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Trail: GentRichards



my sister Shari’s husband of, i don’t know, at this point, how many years, 16? 25? 200?
a man i’ve known since he was 18 and i just a young child...
right now he lies in the hospital. at age 45. fighting that fight.

it is moments like these when i realize why humans need religion. even though i am far from religious i can’t help but want to say to the both of them, “ilove you, i’m praying for you.”
what else is there to say?
prayer for me is not an activity tied to any specific religious belief. its the thing you do, like a wish but a strong one, one you really mean, not an everyday “i’m so sorry.” something you can say when you __mean it. something of a bond.
“i am praying for you.”
“you are in my prayers.”
no atheist thought is strong as this. not when you believe in love. love is projecting emotion outside of yourself. projecting it through space and time, through the stars. into the heavens where the moon is not just the moon. through sheer force of that love you WILL the sun to rise tomorrow, shining on the face of your loved one.

this is what i wish for Gentson Richards tonight. and I pray for it with all my heart.