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“Go, that perennial wunderkammer of analogies and allegories disguised as a game, is a kind of poetry no words can ever succeed to match. The shape of the board is a star map. The center of the game the center of the universe, the earthbound symbolic-twin of the pole-star. The black and white stones taking turns represent the flow of day and night, the number of intersections equal the numbers of day in a year (in the Chinese lunar calendar) plus 1. This game, that is the oriental antagonist to Foucault’s pendulum, bridges the gap between star knowledge and earthly ability, between space and time, between mind and matter. Each game is a search for balance between cumulative growth and marginal decay: Go is a progression of structures folding and unfolding in a universe that doesn’t take sides. It is also the original source for a piece of insight usually attributed to the science of complex systems: playing Go means reckoning yourself in a world filled with butterfly effects gyrating from underneath your foot, the smallest local action able to cascade into global catastrophe in the long run. The Go-board itself plays a visual trick on you, by being slightly asymmetrical it deludes the mind’s calculation of connecting lines, patterns and spaces: cramped on the horizontal lines, spacious on the diagonals. the pro will however remind you, that what the stones you play should create is a strong framework of empty space: you need to learn the many meanings of silence in a lifelong process of initiation.”1