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Projects Cathedral-in-the-CloudsMuch about technology these days is treated like medival monks treated christian relics.
The very old and the very new.
The digital rehearsal.
Somehow people believe ‘the digital’ is a force of nature.
Bots are seen as creative while humans who want to create are discouraged. Outside of the halls of education we are seldom told that everything creative is a skill. a skill which can be learned by anybody. The deskilling of Art is so pervasive today that even our web browsers are de skilled. In the early web you could learn simply by viewing the source of an HTML page. Now you are treated as if the web itself is filled with haxor’y voodoo that you need a government to protect you from. Now they call what used to be the old web, The Dark Web. I don’t know if that just because it sounds cool.
OTHER tech that has felt like magic: Int he beginning there was HTML and it could be said that the thing that attracted me most about my future husband was his skill at coding and his special DHTML libraries that I was totally curious in how they were built! But Periscope, Google Earth and even webcams seemed like magic at one time.

When I was a girl the fact that domeone could draw an image and have it look like life was magic to me. Maybe even that was what drew me to being an artist, the ability to create an alternate reality behind the veil of a canvas or paper. And definitely in beginning my work with a computer I was charmed by the world I saw there behind the glass of the screen... inside the screen. I felt I was designing inside the screen for people who were really there just on the other side.

These technologies lose their magic and we are left with their content, slowly patinaed with new contexts brough on by time and changing sensibilities.
[quote of: DO a MAGIC TRICK. (a card trick?)…]
Therefore, I am attracted to the very old and the very new. But as I’ve gotten older I am wary of the new... I try hard to not see it as Magic. I want to believe. But the pain of what will eventually become real is something hard to bare.
I saw it happen with the net. I’ve seen it happen with games. Who knows maybe this is just what life is made up of.

The moment wine and bread are turned into blood and flesh.
The sound that plays in that moment

The guys shining the big pot of incense at just the right moment in Santiago.
Looking for the magic in the real world instead of in technology
And I cynical interest in the lore of the real world instead of the lore in contemporary created fictional universes.

and as i escape into a world where 3d is art i find thesame problems. People want 3d to be the truth
[video of: video of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ‘proof’…]
the things we want to believe because a 3d reconstruction told us so.
[image of: Nefertiti 3d scan…]
The things we want to believe will last because we reproduce them digitally.
Post Internet Art
Post Contemporary Art
Both of these are tentative names for Art movements that I feel a part of. mainly because it rejects the specialist notion of and conemporary art. in favor of embracing notions that art can be made by anyone, anyone who cares to or anyone willing to devote their time to learn.

 A link between the sincerity It doesn’t matter
What matters is the magic.
The bust of Neferttiti is politically speaking as real as the relic of the true crosrrrrrrrrrr
Machina a punto as 123dcatch
Thinking that the games you make don’t touch upon life but this is serious. Time is serious.

And why a relic procession is still a wonder in the day and age.

the mixing up of what this magic, this feeling is and THE TRUTH

Sometimes I hear of art as the new religion.... but wait art is dead too.

The power of “how is it done” is one of the last bits of magic we have as artists.
In museums I am stopped and asked about my drawings all the time. In the Louvre p
Tourists want their photo taken with me.
I become part of their priceless vacation memories.
People forget what is possible
Videos of the Sistine chapel.
You are there but Yu want to remember being there. But there are other videos online why make another one. You want to feel transported. That is the link with VR

Image of white guys in VR goggles and how lame that looks.
My renewed interest in the stil frame
The power of something still to bring us into contemplation.
A love of the rectangle and the meaningful composition but curiosity for what it means to take that still image composition into the direction of depth. Those diagrams drawn in the third dimension.