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Trail: NoQuarter


for screenshots see: Minorinth


A site-specific VR environment for NYU Game Center's 8th annual No Quarter event, Nov. 3rd, 2017.


You are the path you tread.
Only the blind one sees the truth.

          immersant (un self-conscious) performance
          audience active participation
              virtual actor

World Design

''physical setup - 4x4 meter space surrounded by chairs''
''physical setup - 4x4 meter space surrounded by chairs''

''in-progress workspace''
''in-progress workspace''
Vive tracker feet will be important
Vive tracker feet will be important

''work in progress diagram of the VR environment''
''work in progress diagram of the VR environment''

''Ugly Alpha Images''
''Ugly Alpha Images''

“Only he who walks the road on foot learns the power that it commands...”
--Walter Benjamin

“The man who reached the center of the maze, after going ritually through it, after ‘dancing’ it, is a changed man and, as far as I know in the way of an intuitive open-mindedness to natural laws and harmonies, which he maybe won’t understand, but he will feel them inside him, he will feel united with them, and it will be the best test of truth, as pitch is the test for the musician.”
--The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral: Louis Charpentier

  1. design Minotaur MinoRinth-MinoJanus MinoRinth-MinoRiea-Sculpt
    1. is it based on my body? i think so.
      1. repeated confrontation: sleeping, bounding in revelry, fighting, offering a cup.
    2. confront/become the MINOTAUR at the center
      1. you become me?
  2. design Labyrinth
    1. a diagram on the floor corresponds to the one in VR
    2. based on Cretian style labyrinths, with views into heaven and hell
      1. upside-down Promised Land
      2. things you encounter along the way
    3. look to the middle east for shapes
    4. natural forms like mountains, built forms like paintings of renaissance buildings
    5. design on multiple dimensions.
      1. try not to be so literal.
      1. the immersant is always the center, much like in desktop worlds.
      2. A journey to the center: the walls don’t really matter?
        1. Made with pointclouds?
  3. design the performance
    1. this is what people see from outside the VR
    2. audience participation: should anyone be allowed to just join in?
      1. Ariadne action







List o’Unused Ideas


The Play’s the Thing
The person in the VR stands on a stage, gets props to hold and cues. Maybe they don’t even know who they are playing. The audience has to guess who they are or what they are holding. Scenarios can be elegant or funny. Multiplayer where everyone gets a part to play.