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Trail: Painter



to get Painter 6 to run on modern system:

the damn seamless tile trick i can never seem to remember

Making Pattern Pens

To create a masked pattern, open a new layer. Create a design or whatever. With the layer active, do a Drop and Select. While the little ants are still marching around <g> Do capture pattern. What ever was on the background layer will show when using the Pattern Pen. When you switch to the Pattern Pen Masked only the masked part will show.

Getting the 3d data out of Impasto

1) start with a single layer impasto image saved in uncompressed RIF format
2) load the RIF file into Winhex or your favorite hex editor
3) the four bytes at offset 0x144 name the start of the layer’s color image, usually 0x0170
4) the four bytes at offset 0x0164 name the start of the layer’s bump image; the size of the color image and the bump image is the image width * height * 4; RIF use 4 bytes per pixel (ARGB sequence)
5) in Winhex, copy the block containing the bump image to the block containing the color image
6) resave the RIF file with color appended to the filename and reload it into Photoshop
7) the file’s green channel is the bump map, so, in Photoshop, duplicate the green channel, copy it to a layer, then save that grey layer imagery as a JPG
8) reload the original impasto RIF file into Winhex
9) fill the bump image block with 0x80; this value is a midtone grey and will de-bumpify the RIF color imagery
10) resave as yet another differently named RIF
11) reload that RIF into Painter, then resave it as JPG; the JPG will have flat color imagery without the brush ZDepth
12) now there’s a flat JPG color image that can be bumped by the grey JPG bump image

the following scripts supposedly do that: