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***44 Photoshop Tricks & Tips By - Xing Wei
1. Press Tab will hide tool bar and palette, Shift+Tab will hide only palette.

2. Hold Shift + click the top blue bar for toolbar and pallette will move them to the nearest edge.

3. Double click the top blue bar for any pallette window will minimize it.

4. Double click the grey background will bring up open file option, Hold Shift+double click will open up the browser.

5. Sick of the default grey background around your image? select paint bucket, hold shift and click on the grey background will change to whatever color you have in your foreground color box.

6. In photoshop, all “Cancel” button in a window can be changed to “Reset” button by holding Alt.

7. Caps lock will switch you cursor for accuracy.

8. Press F button will switch between 3 different screen mode give you more working area.

9. To draw a straight line, click then move to the end point and hold shift + click.

10. Hold Ctrl will temporary make any tool into move tool until you release Ctrl.
11. Ctrl + Alt and click drag the image will make an duplication of the current image over lay on top.

12. Hold Space bar will make any tool into “Hand Tool” until you release Space bar.

13. While in Zoom Tool, Ctrl+space = zoom in, alt+space = zoom out.

14. Hold Ctrl and press “+” or “-” will change the % for image in navigator window.

15. When Using eyedropper tool to capture foreground color, hold Alt and click will instantly capture the color for background.

16. With Measure Tool, draw a line then hold Alt and draw another line from the end of the first line will measure the angle.

17. Ctrl+Alt+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z will go back and forth in the history.

18. Alt+Backspace and Ctrl+Backspace will fill in whole screen with foreground color or background color, Shift+backspace will bring up option windown, Alt+Shift+Backspace and Ctrl+Shift+Backspace will fill the image with foreground or background color but will leave the alpha transparent area alone.

19. When free transform with Ctrl+T, hold Alt to keep the origial image and transform an duplicated layer of it. Ctrl+Shift+T to repeat whatever you did in the last transform.

20. To make sure you Crop is on the edge of the image, hold Ctrl while croping.

21. Ctrl+J will duplicated the current layer.

22. Ctrl+Shift+E will merge all visible layers to one layer, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E will make copy of the original and merge all visible layers.

23. While using Marquee Tools, hold Alt will make the starting point as a center of the selection.

24. Ctrl + D to deselect, Ctrl+Shift+D to reselect what you deselected.

25. While selecting with Marquee tool, press space bar can allow you to move the selection.

26. Hold Shift and press “+” or “-” will switch between the layer mode:

N = Normal

I = Dissolve

M = Multiply

S = Screen

O = Overlay

F = Soft Light

H = Hard Light

D = Color Dodge

B = Color Burn

K = Darken

G = Lighten

E = Difference

X = Exclusion

U = Hue

T = Saturation

C = Color

Y = Luminosity

Q = Behind 1

L = Threshold 2

R = Clear 3

W = Shadow 4

V = Midtones 4
Z = Highlights 4

***The shortcut works even for following situation:

***Alpha turned off, Indexed Mode, Line tool, Bucket Tools, Dodge and Burn Tools

27. While using Brush or any other tools, change the opacity by type the number.

28. Hold Alt while clicking on the eye icon beside the layer will hide all other layers.

29. Hold Alt while clicking the pen icon beside the layer will unchain this layer from all layers.

30. Select a layer, hold Alt and click the top edge of another layer will group them.

31. Hold Alt and click the button “Create a new layer”, will create a new adjustment layer.

32. Select a layer and hold Alt, then click on the garbage can button will instantly delete the layer, marquee where you want alpha and Ctrl+click the “Create new channel” button will create a alpha only on the area you marqueed.

33. File> Automate > Contact Sheet: this can create a small thumbnail for every file, this can save you some time from searching.

34. When Move Tool is selected, two box on top can be useful from time to time, those are “Auto select layer” and “Show bounding box”.

35. While Move Tool is selected, hold Shift (Alt+Shift+Right click) can allow rather or not make current layer chain with upper layer.

36. With grid on, click the top left corner of the grid and drag to anywhere on the image to set the pivot, double click ont he icon again can reset the pivot.

37. After draw a path on the image with pen tool, Ctrl+shift+H can hide/show it.

38. Control Navigator with keyboard sometimes can be more time efficient than mouse.


Home = move to top left corner

End = move to right bottom corner

PageUp = move up one page

PageDown = move down one page

Ctrl+PageUp = move left one page

Ctrl+PageDown = move right one page

Shift+PageUp = move up 10 pixel

Shift+PageDown = move down 10 pixel

Ctrl+Shift+PageUp = move left 10 pixel

Ctrl+Shift+PageDown = move right 10 pixel

39. Ctrl+Tab allow you switch between different image files you are working at.

40. F12 = Revert to how the file is like the last time you saved it.

41. Shortcuts for Channel: RGB, CMYK, indexed color...


Ctrl+”~” = RGB

Ctrl+1 = red

Ctrl+2 = green

Ctrl+3 = blue

Ctrl+4 = other path

Ctrl+9 = other path

Ctrl+”~” = CMYK

Ctrl+1 = light green

Ctrl+2 = pink red

Ctrl+3 = yellow

Ctrl+4 = black

Ctrl+5 = other path

Ctrl+9 = other path

Ctrl+1 = Indexed
Ctrl+2 = other path

Ctrl+9 = other path

42. hold Ctrl then you can draw a red box in the Navigator thumbnail for viewing.

43. Hold Alt and click on any of the history step, that step will be copied and become the most recent one.

44. Alt drag a step from a serial action can copy it to another action.