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Trail: SightSize


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So what exactly is Sight-Size?
Sight-Size is a way of seeing and comparing nature to your drawing, painting or sculpture from a given distance. Using Sight-Size, the size you see the subject is the size you draw, paint or sculpt it.

Using the definition above, any artist who draws, paints or sculpts with the work visually next to their subject may be practicing Sight-Size. Visually next to their subject is the important phrase, but we’ll save the explaination of that for the approach section.

Some students believe that Sight-Size is merely a measuring technique. But the proper definition of Sight-Size must use the broadest definition of measuring. Measuring not only means ascertaining the length or width of something, it also means comparing the look or impression (comparing being the important word here). It must be remembered that while many students rarely get past the literal, length and width measuring aspect of Sight-Size, a fully trained artist who uses Sight-Size might never use a plumb line or even consciously think about measuring in the normal sense. He or she will strive toward achieving the same retinal impression in the painting as is seen in nature. This impression is much easier to see and compare when the painting and nature are visually the same size as is the case when following the Sight-Size approach.