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2011 i am taking life drawing classes at
twice a week, 4 hrs a session

Following along with REBECCA KIMMEL’S Anatomy Review - Lesson 1: Gesture Drawing1

  1. The direction the head is facing – this can be established with a simple sphere and a few lines denoting the central axis and the axis of the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  2. The direction the ribcage is facing – this can be established by finding the pit of the neck (the space between the clavicles and the sternum).
  3. The direction the pelvis is facing – this can be established by finding the line of symmetry which bisects the pelvic area.
  4. The center line of the body – this is an average of an imaginary line which can be thought to run from the pit of the neck, down the sternum and rib cage, down the pelvis, and to the base of of the feet.
  5. The shape of the ribcage and pelvis are, next to the head, the most important shapes to establish. A modified “peanut” shape can be used in every figure you draw to establish their combined average shape.
  6. The average flow of the limbs – arms and legs are only to be established after the head direction, rib cage and pelvis direction, and center line of the body are established. They are, surprisingly, the LAST major feature which you should establish when creating a gesture drawing. Limbs can be expressed quickly with simple directional lines, and then augmented with a simple system of conical (cone) shapes to add mass and form.

building the human head


1. Gesture Drawings are drawings that take only up to 2 minutes to complete.