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Trail: SomeBeautifulTrueAndFalseNamesOfAllah



Once upon a time... Some of the Beautiful True and False Names of Allah 1

 The Reckoner or One Who Suffices for Everyone and Everything
 The Most High
 The Ruler of Jinn
 Origin of Origins
 The Gatherer
 One Who Loves Virtue and Piety
 Most-Merciful One
 The Unblemished One
 The Immutable
 Emperor of Angels and Demons
 One of Infinite Compassion
 The Terrifying Judge of Creation
 The Self-Glorious One
 The Source of Wisdom
 He of Eternal Wonder and Amazement
 The All-Powerful
 One Whose Knowledge and Power are Supreme
 Brilliant Amanuensis
 Upholder of Existence in Every World
 Supplier of Needs to Others
 The Most Perfect Bridegroom and Most Perfect Lover
 One Who Takes Responsibility for All Things
 King of the World
 One Who is Insurmountable
 One Who Takes and Gives Retribution
 The Obvious and Inobvious
 The Delight of the World
 The Giver and Taker of Life
 The Supporter of All or One Who Remains Alive even after Everything or Everyone Dies
 The All-Knowing
 One Who is Inconceivable
 The Astonished
 Ruler of Lands and Seas
 The Blessed of the Name
 One Beyond Conception
 The Most Affectionate or Knower of Innermost Secrets
 He Whose name shall Live Forever
 One Who is Beautiful beyond Compare
 One Who is the Most Pure
 One of The Fullness and Passion of Latency
 The One of the Jews and the Christians
 The Giver of Honour
 Name of Allah and YHVH
 Compassionate Ruler over All Dominions
 The Invincible
 One Who is Nameless
 Most Affectionate or Knower of Innermost Secrets
 One Who Causes Retardation
 Giver of Dishonour
 Ruler of the World and Kingdom of Heaven
 The Most-Loved
 The Calculation Beyond Calculation
 One from Whom there is no Appeal
 The All-Perfect One
 One Possessing the Knowledge beyond Knowledge
 One Possessing the Thirty-Two Signs of the Buddha
 The Judge of Judges
 The Bearer of the Ninety-Nine Names
 The Insurpassable
 One Who grants Everyone and Everything their Existence
 The Creator
 The Sublime Beyond All Comparison
 One Who has the Power to Create Again
 The Ordinate and the Inordinate
 Salvation and Guide of All Pilgrims
 The Greatest
 One Who is beyond Comparison in every Attribute
 The Eternal
 The Lord of the Universe
 The Creator and Destroyer
 The Perfection of the Father and the Husband
 The Judge of the Final Judgment
 One Who is the Bearer

Some from Imam Al-Jazri, The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah


1. lifted from syndicate where this was sent as an email by Alan Sondheim 2004-12-23