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This Much I Know

  1. PLA is:
    1. brittle, don’t drop it
    2. moisture in your PLA filament roll is real
      1. here [1] [2] are some things to be done about it.
    3. melty. don’t run it under very hot water or anything like that.
  2. is amaazing. contribute to it when you can.
    1. useful things
      1. filament clips [3]
      2. dessicant containers that fit in the center of rolls [4]
      3. filament dryer [5]
        1. I actually made this and it works very well. solved my printing problems, especially with the PVA. Now I dry the filament I’m going to use for several hours before I start printing.
  3. is good too (more ultimaker centric?)
    1. useful things
      1. door hinges [6]

would be useful to get

Error messages and what to do about them

Works Sculpture DigitalSculpture 3dPrinting



BrandTypeColor/Special PropertiesObseravtion
PLAwhiteawesome. love the matte-ness of it, looks a lot like plaster. I’ve not had a print fail with this material
PPcleara bit tricky to print with but once it works it’s a cool material. flexible and a bit squishy and soft feeling. I printed at about 210[7]
PLAblacktoo shiny for my purposes. reminds of black garbage bags, in a bad way.
PVAnaturalhard when printed but dissolves in water. Used as structure material in 2nd extruder allowing for otherwise impossible prints with extreme overhangs and curves with no marks on the print afterward.
PLAnaturalmy fave PLA. easy to print with. translucent and has a reminder of something organic, to me.
PC-NGENLUX goldvery sparkly and pretty! looks more gold than yellow.
PC-NGENwhite/black/grayi found it stringy and melty. experiment with printing at lower temp?
PLA/metalBronzefillneed to try it on something serious.
PLA/metalCopperfilli have a sample, to be tried.
PLA/woodCorkfillMy favorite wood filament thus far. Dark wood color. Easy to sand and if oiled it looks a lot like real wood.
Form Futura
PLA/metalMetalfil Ancient Bronze
PLA/stoneStonefil Terracottanice and heavy and rough as terracotta. color is fairly uniform. tried sanding it with mixed results. check temperatures carefully.
LayFilamentspretty much always: lower temps (+/-140-160°) are better. low heat bed, 80% print speed of PLA, 110% flow rate: gives very clean lines.
WAXMoldlayFAQ print at 170 – 180° C, heated bed max. 40°C
treat your mold at ~ 270°C in an old baking oven only
the wax flows restless out the mold, similar as hot paraffin
PLA/stoneLaybrickheated bed necessary @50+/-,
print temp: 140-165°C to get smooth, higher temperatures (from 210°) will print rougher surfaces,
slicing: object fill max. 25% the filament is brittle under 20°C, heat it and it´s bendable
WoodLaywoo-D3[8] print at 160 – 210° C (tree rings if you play with temp.) Use the larger nozzles to avoid clogging
FeltLayfelt[9] to be tried.
PVAto be tried.
PETclearprint very high @232°, bed at 100°. don’t like it as much as PP. stringy, hard to get good lines. quite rigid but you can squeeze it a little bit when printed hollow.
PVA Advancenaturalso far my favorite dissolvable filament. Dissolves fast even in cold water.
PLA/stoneDark Stonedark grayprint at @230°, bed at 100°. It tries to lift off the bed so use strong glue. Has good detail and is very matte. print NO FAN specifications[10]
PLA/clayClaypinkprint at @220°, bed at 100°, fan on
PLA/stoneSandytanprint at @230°, bed at 100°, fan OFF or it forms cracks
PLAGold Happenssparkly yellow goldthis is just PVA but I love the color. The best gold filament so far.