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the latin name is Gynura but it is also known as the Velvet Plant or Purple Passion.
the latin name is Gynura but it is also known as the Velvet Plant or Purple Passion.

...this plant is usually sold as a pot plant for the house. Give it something to climb however, and it takes off to well over 10 feet. It then flowers with golden flowers, the only problem being their terrible smell. This Gynura comes from Java and requires a minimum of around 55ºF. The leaves and stems are covered in purple hairs which make the foliage gorgeous. Just remember to cut off the flowers. (Asteraceae family)

1The Purple Passion Plant (Gynura aurantiaca) is a trailing perennial which originated in Indonesia. It is only hardy in USDA zones 10-12, so it’s primary use is in hanging baskets as a houseplant. The vines may grow to 8 feet long but will tend to lose their bright purple coloring if they reach this length so it is best to keep them trimmed to a length of 3 ft. or less. Pinching the growing tips will result in a much fuller plant.
Purple Passion Plants need bright light foor the brightest coloring but they must be protected from hot afternoon sun.
Keep the soil evenly moist.
Feed every 2-3 weeks with half-strength house plant food when the plant shows active growth.
They prefer a slightly acidic soil mixture, so the addition of 50% peat moss to the potting mix is helpful.

Watering and light can be reduced slightly during the dormant winter months. During this dormant period, leggy plants can be cut back drastically to produce a much fuller plant the following spring.

Gynura aurantiaca (Purple Passion Plant) is easily propagated by 3-5 inch cuttings set in soil or vermiculite or simply placed in a glass of fresh water.

 VARIETIES:     Java, purple, or royal velvet plant- G. aurantiaca
                Purple passion vine - G. sarmentosa
 MAXIMUM HEIGHT: Can reach 2 feet
 SUBSTRATE:      1 part loam, 1 part peat moss or leaf mold, 1 part sharp sand.
                To each gallon pailfull of this mixture add: 
                - 1½ teaspoons of 20% superphosphate
                - 1 tablespoon of ground lime-stone
                - 2 teaspoons of 5-10-5 fertilizer.
                OR! use general purpose potting soil
 LIGHT:          4 or more hours of direct sunlight. Or, where only artificial
                ligth is available, provide at least 800 foot candles.
                Will also do well in curtain filtered/indirect sunlight.
 TEMPERATURE:    Night = 65 - 70°F (18 - 21°C)
                Day = 75 - 85°F (24 - 29°C)
 WATERING:       Keep soil barely moist at all times.
 FERTILIZING:    Wait 2 - 3 months before fertilizing newly purchased plants.
                Mature plants - fertilize every month with general house-plant fertilizer
                        diluted to half the minimum recommended strength.
 PROPAGATING:    Propagate at any season by pinching off tips of branches and root.
 REPOTTING:      Early summer.