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Trail: WhatIsAWiki



A wiki is a system for making web pages. It writes most of the code for you so that you can concentrate on the content, on the form of each page.
so each page of a wiki is a container. the other data surrounding it is persisent (the HTML/TITLE/BODY/CSS tags, any optional sidebars or whatever)
But the page of a wiki can theoretically contain ANYTHING.
it is an empty book. a blank canvas.
but it is also endless. I would like to view the wiki as a little box i whisper into. people can look at it, but not directly. like a total eclipse.

I keep wanting to go back to using analog Sketchbooks... i miss it dearly being scrawl based rathar than text based. i hate being text based. but what the wiki allows is the ability to learn from history. things are never folded away forever but can become part of a larger continuum of thoughts, ideas, images. The keyboard is jut not an ideal input for this. I wonder if having a Tablet PC would augment this activity in a good way?

I am against “blogs”

mainly because I don’t find time to be the greatest organization of thoughts. putting your thoughts on a timeline has its uses but how useful is it? I think putting daily thoughts in a topical organization rather than a time based one could help to solidify ideas and develop a way of thinking about problems. Thoughts become less fleeting, time slows down.