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Trail: 1999-01-29



y must get tripod... just a sec
[fakeshop]: telephone books work also
life: Z’s in snarg !
lia: mini, everythings mini in here...
life: yea, here 2
life: what’s that pic ? a map ?
Au-: you can change the window sizes
lia: mindmaps ;)
Au-: oh my
Au-: snarg is naked
lia: how how how
life: pale snarg
Au-: in the settings/preferences
signmonger: you have touched the perfect body of fun!
lia: just see the right eye :)
Au-: take of the check in windows as stamps
lia: not even the right one :(
Au-: then close all the windows
Au-: and re open them
signmonger: krashed lost life and fake
[fakeshop]: the bride of frankenstein is approaching?
life: nope..still stamps...
life: hold on... brb...
signmonger: frank never married....‘coz zey didne giv ‘im ze job
signmonger: where is gate?
lia: leave, `ll be back → more k to ivisit....
life: yup, rebooting did it... still buggy, this IVisit...
Au-: there she is tho im afraid ive been mean to her
life: bye lia
life: jef is decent again
signmonger: lia is ther and gone... ria is there 2 times
life: split personality
snarg: so how’s my pic today.... am i moving?
life: good pic, shaky moves
signmonger: u iz mo foto j’nic zen pik asso
life: stil lsays Gael... :)
[fakeshop]: is the bride of frankensatein in some sort of bondage situation
signmonger: {:+]
snarg: i found that light/high contrast helps. i think it has to do with the compression/codec maybe
signmonger: frank never got ze wife.....
Au-: all tied up and with clay in her poor, poor eyes
life: jef, you’re right arm is missing !
snarg: i know it still says gael
snarg: u have some banner mode that i have’nt been able to find yet
life: Au - clay !? Some new BDSM scene thang ?
signmonger: uhav it all
Au-: yes... its a new york thing... :-)
life: thought so... mundo wacko...miss NY
[fakeshop]: so the bride has been sacrificed to art?
life: fake...funny... 100 AMPERSAND artificial ?
Au-: on the altar of conceptualizm
life: Hi there Gaelie ! Saw you !
signmonger: the bride is not the sacrifice ..... the bride is babylon....
[fakeshop]: i guess we’re staring into each otheres eyes now
life: where the truth lies...
lia: which one?
life: do you get that banner scrolling ?
signmonger: to be or not is wot i got no mo no less this be bless
Au-: life... the triangle next to your window has a banner option
Au-: click in the space and start typing
life: yea, I know...can only switch it off/on
signmonger: so Ivisit sayz u is zere
life: gate is in ?
gate: hellooooo
life: we were just contemplating on the meaning of life...
life: sorry U missed it... :)
Au-: there you are gate
gate: ther is no meaning
life: gate has Art at his back !
life: yea...46
signmonger: just crashed but frankenstein has no wife just a mother
gate: crashing is part of this paradign
gate: who set up the room
signmonger: not me I’m a follower not a leader
snarg: did the server just go down?
gate: phil when i crashed--did the room come down
gate: hi jef
signmonger: I just went down so I dunny know
snarg: hi ken :)
gate: riea you should kill one of your feeds in case someone wants in
signmonger: OK so I’ve had a few drinks but for me this is kind of socialising
Au-: ok
gate: the capacity is 8
gate: sincen you deserve to be 2
signmonger: beyond my capacity...
gate: jef is that a cd looming over your head’
signmonger: eez zees a gud izee weez zo uglee
snarg: yeah it’s reflecting gael
life: hugs to Gael
signmonger: guy has alreddy inz zee goa tropical zidewayzz zone
life: not quite
gate: ohh i see i see
signmonger: me neither...
gate: hi gael
gate: lia is that an ultrasound of your uterus
signmonger: kalif hz most lite
signmonger: hey let’s not get personal
life: gate, U look older than I imagined...sorry ;-)
gate: i was just going to say--i think she’s having twins
signmonger: shit I imagined something a lot worse considering...
gate: i AM older then u imagined
gate: older then i imagined
lia: no, has something to do with breast cancer.
life: tell
signmonger: in fact I can understAnd how he got the credit now
gate: actually its the camera
gate: i am 13 like antiorp
life: hehe
signmonger: from sweden...long digital nites
womanonfire → [fakeshop]: fake can i come visit your shop sometime?
life: jef, avoid arm stiffness by all means !
gate: try chicago
[fakeshop]: yes
snarg: guy________what do you mean?
womanonfire: kewl
life: we still need you and your left arm...
signmonger: chicago chicago... it’s a hell of a town
snarg: guy____________WHAT DO U MEAN? lia: it`s ALL BETTER in black and white. life: let that CD down ! signmonger: et kesskilyaodladesettekno? life: B/W huh ? Ok... brb gate: ok so what are we going to do with this signmonger: sheet you don't pik up gud steuuff in zzee st. fer nowt [fakeshop]: (private) private chat? signmonger: tekno trouve gate: ready for my closeup cb lia: glad to have one more reason to not buy a TV snarg: has Z! been here? life: yes gate: oui signmonger: sorry jewish? womanonfire -> [fakeshop]: public private gate: till i crashed da room life: no gate: can yo see below my desk? signmonger: kewel salomon my fave geez! life: woman is in het softfocus cammode again signmonger: don't wanna after last nite on ze Ivisit life: spreekt er hier iemand Nederlands eigenlijk ? signmonger: only hard liquor left.... lia: das klingt immer irgendwie wie ... wie.... signmonger: amsterdam.....why bother>? snarg: ken____want to see what Z! looks like? :)
life: irgendwie ? love that word ! :)
gate: sure
signmonger: first we take manhattan then whatever’s left....
lia: dat klengt imma igendwee ?
life: ouch ! Austrian ! ;-)
gate: guy do you always work on your back
snarg: is he coming through? :)
lia: what cat (1-4?)
life: 4 - plush
womanonfire: what a cute kitty
gate: where
womanonfire: lifecam
signmonger: the greek orthodox moslem....peace train
gate: hey i am allergic to cats
life: that’s the one who leaves hair in my Campari’s and vomits all over the place :)
lia: 3?
gate: lovely
life: there’s her mother at the back...
signmonger: shit that’s life
life: there was another one...
signmonger: mother doesn’t get out much anymore I take care of the motel
life: hitch...
gate: im going to burn one...try to point the cam
life: cock...
life: ...norman...
life: bates...
life: zuper’s back
snarg: Z! :)
zuper: ‘t is ier vollen bak!
womanonfire: ZZZZZZ!
life: ja, gaat nogal ne gang, zenne !
signmonger: not much better than Z!‘s front
signmonger: hey watch it gal he’s married..
zuper: (private) My favorite woman on fire!
lia: z
signmonger: ze only revolution is zoo-ologique....
womanonfirezuper: hey there
womanonfirezuper: private mode
womanonfirezuper: weird
signmonger: gate lives in a mafia run pizzeria?
signmonger: r u still there fake?
zuper: (private) There seems to be more private talks than others...
womanonfirezuper: yes so many people here tonight in the hell.lounge
zuper: (private) Has any sex taken place yet?
signmonger: hey I don’t mind talking to myself....u get used to it u know
life: ...
womanonfirezuper: unfortunately not yet ;_)
zuper: (private) Let’s start some... :D
signmonger: ain’t no sunshine now she’s gone....
lia: yessss, each computer should have a folder called lia! that`s the main aim! ::)))))))
zuper: Lia looks great tonight!
life: jef, your pic hasn’t been moving since ages... ?
womanonfirezuper: but i cant see you and thats no fun
signmonger: that must be nice
zuper: (private) Touch me.
snarg: how about now?
womanonfire: go lia! go
life: zoum out Z
life: moving snarg...
zuper: (private) I can feel you.
signmonger: life is like grass...all things pass
life: yea... i know ;=)
zuper: (private) Ypou have numbers on your fingers.
womanonfirezuper: and letters in my eyes
lia: go?
snarg: brb........
signmonger: someone out there has a concept of how to make this into ....“spectacle”
womanonfire: that was meant as encouragement
life: gate ?
lia: life?
lia: zuper?
lia: womanonfire?
life: we’re here
zuper: (private) You’re and open book, spelt backwards.
lia: sign
lia: ?
lia: frz
life: frz ?
lia: :)
signmonger: HERE
womanonfire: we are receiving u
life: gate looks stoned
life: U C ? He’s smiling !
life: and again !
womanonfire → [fakeshop]: so where ru located?
womanonfire → [fakeshop]: brooklyn right?
zuper: (private) ...
signmonger: so now if I want a drink i’s the VSOP
lia: thanks for the canvas-advice.
womanonfirezuper: sorry i wuz having zex w/ someone else
[fakeshop]: (private) williamsburg,
zuper: (private) :)
gate: does the more people on this think slow it down
[fakeshop]: (private) and you?
life: lia - U C, I told you so ! ;-)
gate: thing
signmonger: say ton daystun
signmonger: death is a lot like life....
womanonfire → [fakeshop]: manhattan/east vil
life: waddaymean ?
signmonger: where is petah, peter....jef?
[fakeshop]: (private) oldfashionedphonetypething=718.599.6565
womanonfire → [fakeshop]: snailconferencing>212 614 1676 lia: guy, are these people still around next month ? ;) life: might be... but the cats f(u)r sure ! [fakeshop]: (private) which name do you prefer for yourself? signmonger: time.... lia: pfhu! :) womanonfire -> [fakeshop]: riea is my analog name signmonger: no guarantees...... gate: jef did you put us on hold life: woman is on the phone again... signmonger: VSOP life: tsjing ! snarg: i rebooted to see if my image would work signmonger: tut a fay life: works a bit better now... signmonger: tao zuper: Beware of too much happiness life: Z!, what's your fps ? signmonger: no danger...not here.. zuper: wof = 0.6, gate = 0.4, fake = 0.1 zuper: wof now 4.3 life: yours ? [fakeshop]: (private) dont you think one of these computer experts is smart enough to intercept this private chat? I feel funny, another level into the domain behind the velvet rope. life: wof 4.0, gate=0, snarg=.4 sign=7.8 U=0.0 signmonger: antiorp=aunty=elvis signmonger: green is somehow fascist [fakeshop]: oh my god 0.1 fps how embarrassing signmonger: opinions life: fake's alife ! :) womanonfire -> [fakeshop]: i hope no one can intercept would kinda negate the concept of private but sure someone could if they *really* wanted to. life: well....almost signmonger: nationalised dial up seems to be OK but.... [fakeshop]: (private) maybe theres some subject matter for a theme here, or were you one of those against a theme? signmonger: good zat weez embarassayed by dif shit lia: do the cats live?, they never move, you just move the camera....hmmmmmm womanonfire -> [fakeshop]: no themez r ok life: they always sleep... especially this one...emvy their lifes... signmonger: hate seeing wot I look like [fakeshop]: (private) that eye was cool can you do that again, i want to take a framegrab life: but don't U love woman's eyelid !? :) womanonfire -> [fakeshop]: your wish is my command signmonger: her majesty her majesty her majesty her majesty her majesty her majesty her majesty life: gate's typing and it's private signmonger: there is no life worth the green eyed beast gate: how can you tell..its the one figure & the glance at the keyboard life: again...your eyes give it away :) signmonger: love of woman is not a straightforward thing zuper: Love of a man is? signmonger: what do you mean by on fire? lia: greeneyed > beast ?
signmonger: damn your eyes...
womanonfire → signmonger: on fire=
womanonfire → signmonger: beyond control
lia: all or just green ones?
womanonfire: eyes are windows to the soul
zuper: on = about?
gate: trying to follow this conversation is a very zen thing
life: tao ! ;_)
life: I tching !
[fakeshop]: (private) thankyou
life: nebraska !
gate: thank god for riea for providing the images to look at
signmonger: by ze reeverz ov barbeelawn vayre I layz dow...rararaspooteen
life: lips !!
zuper: (private) stop teasing
life: teeth !
life: pixels !
life: thumb !
life: sorry, index finger !
signmonger: don’t invade russia or UK or stuff ‘cos all conquest is limited
womanonfirezuper: you will appreciate it more this way
life: mouth !
signmonger: pronounced hoo givz a fuk......
life: camel !
life: red lights !
zuper: (private) your fire
signmonger: dependz where you want to look you old goat..
life: hahaaha
life: to the right of me
gate: this golfball ain’t a bad macro
signmonger: wish I could keep mine but A life of poverty and bad diet and then I’d have to be a millionaire before..
life: face
life: hands
life: ..thinking...
womanonfire: thinking...
life: lia new still
womanonfire: reading...
life: what ?
womanonfire: you
life: I’m just a teddy bear
womanonfire: wish i could bum a cig from gate
lia: n, shit, forgot smoking til now and .....
signmonger: my toilet is the next waterfall to be featured in Pirelli..
life: what about a NYc cig ?
lia: have to leave for some minutes....
womanonfire: come on over
signmonger: talk about....BSkwoi...
lia: smoke at window only....
womanonfire: thanx gate :-)
signmonger: stop that life!!! you know that it don’t lead nowhere nice
gate: my pleasure
signmonger: I wanna be your fashion accessory
life: satisfaction
gate: funny that so many of us smoke
womanonfire: pure pleasure
womanonfire: pure disease
life: I hate it that I smoke
gate: if we have a party in la they will kick me out of the state
signmonger: the victory of the consumer
life: it’s my second worst vice
womanonfire: ok... whats the fist
womanonfire: first
gate: i love it that i smoke..everyone else hates me for it
gate: ok
life: being a jerk in general
gate: so
gate: whats
gate: the first
womanonfire: hes a jerk
zuper: you’re not a jerk, guy, we all love you
womanonfire: :-)
gate: slight time delay
gate: being a jerk is a prerequiset
life: I’m a jerk, but love my cats
gate: i won’t even go there
life: count ‘em...4 !
signmonger: the hypocritical attitude towards nicotine addiction is reflective of the general irresponsibility of govt....
gate: and
signmonger: so
gate: jef are there...or is that archived
zuper: summer
zuper: flower
zuper: easter
zuper: breeze
zuper: forever young
life: sex ?
zuper: no sex
life: ah ? ok.
gate: sex & violets
zuper: “you will appreciate it more this way”
womanonfire: ah yes
zuper: green
zuper: sweaters
gate: whats it
signmonger: hey maybe it’s that sentimental phase of alcohol kcking in you all...
zuper: pure wool
zuper: skin
gate: cash
life: Z! - I made a mix of your work....
womanonfire: Z!EX
signmonger: no body is VSOP U know thAt ria...
signmonger: just horses for courses
womanonfire: VSOP!
zuper: Life: you did what?
womanonfire: ????
life: see cam
signmonger: don’t get fucky you guys...just had an evening wiv ze arties....
zuper: sneeze
zuper: rip
zuper: squeeze
zuper: hold
zuper: lick
gate: godbleee you
signmonger: opinion is the glorious domain of the reechan zee ...
life: ?
signmonger: labia,,,,and then....
zuper: I miss
zuper: Jef
snarg: yeah?
signmonger: L’amour eat l’enfant de salope...
[fakeshop]: translation of VSOP please?
womanonfire: yes yes yes
womanonfire: VSOP?
life: <LURKING>jef</LURKING>
zuper: very sophisticated oral problem
signmonger: poese l’evolution de la demande de la teet///
zuper: TEETH
life: hahaha...
signmonger: girl wot u zink?
zuper: smoke
[fakeshop]: signmonger: no body is VSOP U know thAt ria...
signmonger: just horses for courses
womanonfire: VSOP!
zuper: VSNOB
zuper: blue pubic hair
signmonger: be cool be freeeeee!!!!!!!!
signmonger: loe freely
gate: fake are you here or is that your aura
signmonger: life is short
[fakeshop]: oh i see, a snob with blue pubid hair, thank you
signmonger: nothing is .........
signmonger: tell me..
signmonger: VSOP high alcohol content
[fakeshop]: im paracticing transparent lurking
life: hands !
signmonger: is adrug and I ain’t commercant
zuper: more smoke
gate: we can almost lurkk thru you
life: 1 hand clapping
life: vsophand
zuper: (private) read
zuper: (private) want
gate: can you be transparent & move
womanonfirezuper: write
womanonfirezuper: have
zuper: (private) fingers stroke keyboard
[fakeshop]: im working on that
signmonger: Fake is here there and everuwhere baby....
zuper: (private) hold
gate: i am lurking thru you
zuper: (private) heart
womanonfirezuper: press
zuper: bed
zuper: (private) close
womanonfirezuper: there
signmonger: in some kind of way it’s normal that I take all the shit...I kinda got robust somewhere down the line
zuper: fog in
womanonfirezuper: bare
zuper: (private) buttocks
zuper: (private) |)
signmonger: I seem to have crashed without crashing..
womanonfire: no crashing allowed
signmonger: I’ve lost all control over Ivisit except its still there
gate: is this program buggy or is it my lack of horsepower
zuper: horse
zuper: hot horse
gate: i can type faster then this little fucking box can take it and i type one word a minute
signmonger: I think it must be time to say goodnight
zuper: REBOOT
womanonfirezuper: addiction
zuper: (private) no
[fakeshop]: yeah that sounds fishy
zuper: (private) not addiction
zuper: (private) no satisfaction
signmonger: thats the thing with allowance
zuper: (private) no extasy
zuper: (private) just urge
lia: have to phone .....
signmonger: think about what we got to do...this program is amazing
life: with Riea ?
[fakeshop]: i need to go soon, also
signmonger: nobody is giving any consideration to content.....because the content market is dull
lia: anotherone
zuper: bed time
womanonfire: life?
signmonger: I loved the alcohol myth but in the end i t was a myth
life: i SHOULD so some work...
signmonger: in the end you can only go so far in life....
gate: nite euro brethern
signmonger: the rest is BS
life: hehe..
snarg: i gotta run downtown now
life: the nite is still young
life: 1:48 AM
signmonger: goodnight.... or good afetrnoon
gate: time to burn windy LA
zuper: I’m still young too, but...
womanonfire: bye snarg
[fakeshop]: so was it good for you too?
signmonger: sorry bad spelling
signmonger: is jef still ther?
life: we touch a lot our faces...
snarg: cu
life: cu
zuper: bye jef
[fakeshop]: bye
life: bye
signmonger: life in the fast lane....
life: nice loft with antlers, gate ! :)
zuper: (private) why do all people in front of a computer hold their finger to their heads?
signmonger: all mod cons...
womanonfirezuper: good question
signmonger: who is there now?
womanonfire: still here
zuper: (private) one more cigarette...
life: holding strong here
womanonfirezuper: just one more...
zuper: (private) and then sleep
womanonfirezuper: ssssssslleeeeeeeeep
womanonfirezuper: no sleep 4 me
zuper: (private) deep
zuper: (private) soft
zuper: (private) away
womanonfirezuper: bad
signmonger: according to Ivisit gate is still here
life: which color is best for an iMac ?
signmonger: grey
womanonfire: tangerine
zuper: grey!
life: nobeige
womanonfire: black!!
signmonger: beige/grey
life: yes !!! :)
life: someone is doing black new G3’s...
signmonger: and square....compartmentalised.
womanonfire: excellent
signmonger: russians were the only peole who got a chance at design....and they’re mad
lia: still here but phoning
womanonfirezuper: fantaZ!
zuper: (private) my favorite drink
womanonfirezuper: crush
womanonfirezuper: orange
signmonger: chi kung.....if ever u feel ze nid
womanonfire: kung chi
lia: 2:01
zuper: (private) my favorite color
womanonfire: king chu
zuper: (private) crush
signmonger: ich gnik
womanonfirezuper: crutch
lia: ack
lia: b
signmonger: breath well think well feel well be well - sorry but it don’t change the rest
zuper: (private) crotch
signmonger: is it just us gals?
womanonfirezuper: clutch
womanonfire: yea
zuper: (private) now!
life: how do you get a still pic in the video window ?
lia: copy,paste, 160x120,
signmonger: than yiou should considering...
lia: or if you don`t have video?
life: i dit c/p, but not 160x120
lia: think it must work also 320x240 ;)
lia: proportions!
zuper: (private) proportions
lia: sale me the cam ? ;)
life: nope...doesn’t work...
womanonfirezuper: dispropotionate
signmonger: nothing to copy nothing to paste
life: but U can use it in March
signmonger: alisrelatif
womanonfirezuper: not a word oops
signmonger: onewayorzeuvver
womanonfirezuper: try again
womanonfirezuper: again
womanonfirezuper: again
womanonfirezuper: again
zuper: (private) i love you
womanonfirezuper: again
zuper: (private) sleep with me in the network
lia: was das z?
signmonger: in march gAte will tAke allhis children and hide in my country place bacause deals wiv MOMA never work however optimistic you R
womanonfirezuper: kiss and tell
lia: you got it!
zuper: (private) just kiss
womanonfirezuper: kisZ! and tell
life: there U of all worlds !
zuper: (private) talk with air
gate: ok so does that mean you don’t want your truckload of sony goodies to play with
life: talking to me, are U talking to me !?
womanonfirezuper: byte and eat
signmonger: if Z!is there he does zownds
life: or are U talking to me ?
zuper: (private) yes byte
gate: phil
gate: killer sunset but my cord to short& the sun is too brite
signmonger: best of all world’s
womanonfirezuper: simulate stimulate
zuper: (private) simulation is real
gate: big brite sun reflecting on pacific ocean--thru eucaliptus trees blowing in the wind
signmonger: I believe in vot I see...
signmonger: and ze rest belongs to someone else
signmonger: we ain’t touched on politik yet???
signmonger: somewhere down the line...
life: nice kitten, Lia ! :)
signmonger: kind of trust you guys though
signmonger: the koala stinking of eucalyptus gets pArted from his love
signmonger: to entertain and educate someplace weird..
zuper: (private) the cigarette didn’t help me
womanonfire: lia must get a cam
life: jef’n’gael
womanonfirezuper: breathe deep
lia: it always sleeps ;)
zuper: (private) i’m breathing
womanonfirezuper: deeper...
zuper: (private) can you feel it
womanonfirezuper: yes
zuper: (private) can you hear it
lia: nonono, don?t wanna cam....nono`.
womanonfirezuper: yessssssssssssssssssss
life: Veerle (pregnant) and Jef
zuper: (private) never leave me
lia: flowers :)
lia: tnx z!
womanonfirezuper: never
signmonger: she can have one of mine....orpheus(2cams)
womanonfirezuper: say
zuper: you’re welcome
womanonfirezuper: never
zuper: (private) but is feels so good when you whisper it at night
lia: o.k.
womanonfirezuper: good when you scream
zuper: (private) don’t scream please, I only like soft and silent things
lia: look exactly like mine ?
womanonfirezuper: expect the unexpected
life: yea, there eurotwins...
zuper: (private) all my senses are open
zuper: (private) like flowers
life: Z! in his younger days ! ;-)
lia: by the way, i HAVE a cam, how do you think i could have pictured my cats?
life: :)
womanonfirezuper: evey poor pore
womanonfirezuper: every poor pore
womanonfirezuper: pure
womanonfirezuper: vein vain vane
zuper: (private) receiving fingers
zuper: (private) receiving tongue
lia: z!s garden?
zuper: (private) lips
zuper: (private) breath
signmonger: I’ve seen sun and I’ve seen rain I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
womanonfirezuper: saliva
womanonfirezuper: tounge
womanonfirezuper: skin
signmonger: tak ... fascist conglomerate....
womanonfirezuper: sensation
zuper: (private) i want to be wet by you
life: mommy cat when she was young
lia: ey!!!!!!
signmonger: samaytonpar
signmonger: austria judaism und ze udder esoteric europe.....
womanonfirezuper: feel it
womanonfirezuper: i
signmonger: kellshar?
womanonfirezuper: eye
zuper: (private) lick your eye
signmonger: even in hell there seems to be a complete fear of .....
lia: waldheim.
signmonger: dans mon jardin extraordinaire...
womanonfirezuper: take
womanonfirezuper: hold
signmonger: what have you all got that you are so afraid of losing?
zuper: (private) i take and i hold
zuper: (private) i’m going to fly
womanonfirezuper: fly away
zuper: (private) hold me tight
lia: I’ve seen sun and I’ve seen rain I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end---> lucky you. here in vienna we did`nt see the sun for the last 9-10 weeks.
womanonfirezuper: i hold and i take
womanonfirezuper: and i.....
zuper: (private) we’re off!
signmonger: goethe?
womanonfirezuper: climax
womanonfirezuper: again
womanonfirezuper: again
womanonfirezuper: again
zuper: (private) no no
womanonfirezuper: again
zuper: (private) no climax
womanonfirezuper: never
zuper: (private) postpone
zuper: (private) slow down
zuper: (private) float
womanonfirezuper: i cant slow down
zuper: (private) your breath is the air
womanonfirezuper: i lack control
lia: eh....
zuper: (private) ok
zuper: (private) then I will follow you
womanonfirezuper: the air around you
zuper: (private) where are you taking me?
signmonger: is a rose of another colour.....
lia: light
signmonger: austria...germany...croatia...the europe....that I live in?
womanonfirezuper: burn
womanonfirezuper: i burn
zuper: (private) yes
zuper: (private) consume
signmonger: where are you going?
life: sign...more VSOP !
lia: log-book: the speed of light is 1.6 fps
zuper: (private) open
womanonfirezuper: warm me more
womanonfirezuper: warm you
signmonger: you never heard of....
zuper: (private) your hands feel so big
signmonger: the things that happened????
zuper: (private) your mouth is all around me
gate: eucalypyus tree swaying in wind
womanonfirezuper: tasting
life: gate - do you have koala’s too ?
zuper: (private) i’m your fruit
signmonger: or you just don’t care?
womanonfirezuper: sweetness within
signmonger: somewhere else??
gate: if you look on patio to left of tree you can see koala drinking a fosters
signmonger: not me.
lia: humanz are stupid.
signmonger: not us.
zuper: (private) sweet sweat
lia: i can`t change it.
signmonger: not now.
lia: thanks for that, guy.
signmonger: living loving just like a woman....
signmonger: j’y suis
life: this one’s for Riea... :)
gate: sky is orange & magenta..ocean is purple
signmonger: my only friend.....
womanonfire: um... thanx
womanonfirezuper: ripe rip
zuper: (private) peel me
signmonger: lafff i grew up in europe.....
womanonfirezuper: restrain
womanonfirezuper: surge forward
zuper: (private) it will be worth it
life: for phil...
zuper: (private) come in now!
lia: watchin sign: i have to smoke again.
womanonfirezuper: play with me
womanonfirezuper: toy with me
zuper: (private) here is my hand
life: for gate...
womanonfirezuper: i control you
zuper: (private) yes
zuper: (private) i can feel it
life: for Z!
womanonfirezuper: intensity
zuper: (private) your hands on my head my hands in your hair
signmonger: and arayanya left with the favoured collect the weapons...
zuper: (private) your air
signmonger: but the fight was fixed
zuper: (private) electricity
womanonfirezuper: you burn me i burn
womanonfirezuper: softly
zuper: (private) we become sparks
signmonger: and all things are knowable except ...
zuper: (private) thousands of sparks
womanonfirezuper: a sensuous smoke
life: for all of you ! peace & love....
zuper: (private) touch smoke
life: gotta do some work now...
life: bye
womanonfirezuper: slips through your fingers
womanonfire: good night life
zuper: (private) your fingers are smoke my fingers are smoke
womanonfire: luv 2 u
zuper: by life
zuper: bye life?
zuper: hello death!
life: buy life !? ;-)
zuper: (private) sweet small death
womanonfirezuper: your fingers
zuper: (private) my fingers
womanonfirezuper: touch so much
womanonfirezuper: my body
gate: z your up prettlate
womanonfirezuper: feels....
zuper: (private) I’m smoke I go everywhere
gate: that is gatespeak for late
zuper: yes gate, I’m addicted to a woman on fire
zuper: (private) feels
womanonfirezuper: rythm
zuper: (private) yesss
womanonfirezuper: writhing
womanonfirezuper: turning
womanonfirezuper: spinning
womanonfirezuper: seething
zuper: (private) around me
zuper: (private) around you
womanonfirezuper: all over you
womanonfirezuper: on you
womanonfirezuper: in me
zuper: (private) i’m opening up
zuper: (private) on me
womanonfirezuper: in you
zuper: (private) ine me
zuper: (private) i can feel you
zuper: (private) you’re inside of me
womanonfirezuper: yes
zuper: (private) my heart beats so fast...
gate: think my attemps at the sunset..fried my camera
gate: tsk tsk
womanonfirezuper: need
womanonfirezuper: to
womanonfirezuper: catch
gate: it was borrowed
womanonfirezuper: your
womanonfirezuper: breath
zuper: (private) I’m breathing as slow as I can
zuper: (private) breathe me
lia: tomorrowStopSmoking.
zuper: (private) and can’t hold it much longer
gate: one has to go to dinner.....
womanonfirezuper: i go deeper
zuper: (private) yesssss....
womanonfirezuper: find the place
womanonfirezuper: just right there
womanonfirezuper: right
zuper: (private) i never realized you could go so deep in me
womanonfirezuper: there
lia: hey wof, when all guyz leaved i`ll connect my cam ;)
zuper: (private) yes
zuper: (private) i am here
womanonfirezuper: i will live there
zuper: (private) within me
zuper: (private) touching you
zuper: (private) live here
womanonfirezuper: staying there
zuper: (private) always
womanonfirezuper: moving only slightly
zuper: (private) only slightly
womanonfirezuper: just enough to make you feel it
womanonfirezuper: then
zuper: (private) so sensitive deep inside
womanonfirezuper: then
womanonfirezuper: give you more
womanonfirezuper: gradually
womanonfirezuper: filling you
zuper: (private) almost pain
womanonfirezuper: pleasure pain
zuper: (private) so good
lia: :)
womanonfirezuper: weakness=strength
womanonfirezuper: let go completely
zuper: (private) I’m liquid
womanonfirezuper: i smear you all over me all over you
womanonfirezuper: drinking deep
womanonfirezuper: sinking
zuper: (private) I almost disappear
zuper: (private) in you
zuper: (private) I can’t see the difference between outside and inside anymore
womanonfirezuper: there is none
zuper: (private) I’m exploding softly
zuper: (private) eternally
womanonfirezuper: imploding
zuper: (private) disappearing
zuper: (private) i want to smell you
womanonfirezuper: existance is darkness
womanonfirezuper: emitting
zuper: (private) darkness is endlesness
zuper: yes, sign, we’re still here
lia: yes, but you won`t hear anything, because there`s no microphone connected ;)
lia: ah, heard something....
lia: again?
lia: ;)
lia: how can i see who speaks/sings....?
zuper: (private) one more cigarette
womanonfirezuper: just one more
womanonfirezuper: i just want a drag
lia: what do you want to know?
zuper: (private) smoke with me
lia: that i think it`s o.k.????
lia: don`t wanna talk about politics.
zuper: (private) i’ll hold it to your lips
lia: can`t change HUMANZ
lia: can change myself.
womanonfirezuper: i inhale
womanonfirezuper: i hold it in
zuper: (private) i hear
zuper: (private) i see
lia: should i scream everyday?
zuper: (private) i open my mouth
lia: what to do?
womanonfirezuper: i hear
womanonfirezuper: i feel your motion
lia: nice words.
womanonfirezuper: your breath
lia: it doesn`t HAPPEN
zuper: (private) you’re on my chest
lia: not even with the people next to you.
lia: wing a flag.
lia: won`t help.
womanonfirezuper: skin on skin on skin
womanonfirezuper: on
zuper: (private) the smoke circles around your face and fingers
lia: i like pictures, not words.
zuper: (private) skin on skin on skin
zuper: (private) I have never been this naked before
womanonfirezuper: so bare
zuper: (private) hard and soft
zuper: (private) translucent
womanonfirezuper: glowing
zuper: (private) from the inside
lia: yes.
zuper: (private) I’m going away now, my dear
zuper: (private) I will connect to you in Dreamland
zuper: (private) hope I will find you there
womanonfirezuper: ok
womanonfirezuper: i will search for you
zuper: (private) You will always be inside me
womanonfirezuper: ...
zuper: (private) I will never forget you
zuper: (private) i can still feel your fingers on my skin
womanonfirezuper: i left a trace?
zuper: (private) yes
womanonfirezuper: goodnight
zuper: (private) goodnight
zuper: (private) it was nice
zuper: (private) talking
zuper: (private) to you
womanonfirezuper: you too
zuper: (private) close eyes
zuper: bye!
womanonfirezuper: !