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ProofOfMyExistence OutsideSomeplace Paris

  1. After class that day, shared a great bottle of Langudoc with Della and Ed whom Ive not seen in a long long while.
  2. Worth noting that we made a PACT to take painting class together with Nicole next year.
  3. We spoke if Venice. I felt so cosmopolitan.


  1. Thing is i love painting, I love the drama created with color, the story told via stroke or pixel (doesn’t matter) it’s transmutation.
  2. that these introductory paintings are so poorly painted in passages, so obvious, is inspiring. gives me hope that something so imperfect can be so good.
  3. “a theater of emotions”
  4. christ pointing at the ground. they all stare at the spot. x, y, z.
  5. I just keep thinking Rubens would do it better.
  6. “in the 17th century the gypsy woman called in french the Ć©gyptienne and in Italian the Zingara.”
  7. the 4 ages of man and they’ve each realised their mistake this one is good
  8. always these groups around tables against the nothing. it’s like manet. gray brown void.
  9. Allegorie de l’Italie Rubens would have torn this up!
    1. great composition - but that knee, those toes, that mouth.
    2. the way the beard hair blends into the chest.
    3. the darkness of that face
  10. The Tiber and The Arno
    1. maybe BRIDGES can also be allegories.
  11. Samson where he paints a good knee.
  12. martirio dei santi processo e martiniano le martyre des saintes Proces et Martineien 1629-1630
    1. i love painting tht speaks it’s story plain. these are men in the process of dying.
      1. the strain of the kill
      2. the dirty feet
      3. the sexiness of dying.
      4. i can almost smell the dark and the sweat and the fear
      5. all the pain is memory death becomes process
      6. and then the angel.