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Trail: MOO


ElegantMedia Games

intriguing text based multiplayer game environments

 online communities which are deep, not flat.

web communities are flat and prone to visual corruption. an all text or mostly text based environment where one must navigate is interesting. maybe the beauty in it is because it loses the “page” metaphor... but since one is constantly looking for metaphor it takes on the feeling of a deep space, a place, a portal. it is the power of the imagination. shadows, illuminations, what you cannot see the brain fills in with your own visions.

Examples - site with links to many of these things
telnet:// - MOO CMS ???

Terms to Know

MOO: MUD Object Oriented or less commonly, Multi-User Object Oriented systems
MUD: Multi-User Dungeon/Domain/Dimension
MUSH: Multi-User Shared Hallucination
MUVE: Multi-User Virtual Environment
VEE: Virtual Educational Environment, a MOO for educational purposes
OOP: Object Oriented Programming
MOOCode: the language that MOOs are written in, a cross between C++ and LISP
WWW: World Wide Web (you’re on it now!), referred to here as the Web
WOO: Web-MOO, a MOO that has been put on and can be accessed from the Web
WTP: WOO Transaction Protocol (learn about WTP)
VR: Virtual Reality
IRL: In Real Life
RPG: Role-Playing Game
IC: In Character; refers to RPGs
OOC: Out Of Character; refers to RPGs
CMC: Computer Mediated Communication
CHIME: Collaborative Hyperarchical Integrated Media Environment
EFL: English as a Foreign Language
ESL: English as a Second Language
moobie: A newbie (new person) on a MOO
cyberspace: a virtual area for programming, chatting, and/or interaction created on the internet
chatting: real time “talking” by typing between people
sci-fi: science-fiction, a popular genre of usually futuristic, science-based fiction