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  1. I would say that all good art contains all the arts.
  2. with videogames this can literally be so.
  3. one should embrace this.
  4. games as performance
    1. hide-n-seek
  5. games as systems
    1. i would never say games should have rules but sometimes a system is useful
  6. if software, games are alive - if physical games require participation
    1. feel free to contradict this.

my all-time top 10

  1. ico
  2. silent hill 2
  3. black & white
  4. ceremony of innocence
  5. tomb raider 1
  6. animal crossing
  7. kessen 2
  8. project zero 2: crimson butterfly
  9. shadow of memories/destiny
  10. myst

Text based - free for now, give it a try.

Game companies composed of one or two or 3 people

Bit Blot -
ABA Games -
Llamasoft -
Rinku’s Radical Poesis -


abandonware games

Cheats etc.

Little online games