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Trail: StokRoos


Botany TuinPlanten

Ours bloomed for the first time in June 2008. After 3 years sitting in a pot too small we replanted in planters we received from MichaelsParents. The flowers are pink. I’m hoping it will be pollinated and make babies ^_^

1Allow the flowers to mature and the petals to drop naturally from the plant, do not remove the spent blossoms from the plant. At the base of the flower will develop a plump green disk. As it matures it will grow and eventually turn a yellowish-brown. Soon after the color change the top of the pod will open to reveal a ring of seeds. The seeds are dark gray flat rounds, aligned in a circle, sides touching.
Remove the pod and allow it to dry for a few days. Then with your fingers pull back the top of the pod and remove the seeds, spread them out in an even layer on a plate and place it in direct sun. The reason for placing the plate of seeds in direct sun is that sometimes hollyhock seed pods can contain weevils. A weevil is a small dark brown beetle-shaped bug with a downward pointing head that tapers to a snout, it has visible antennae. Weevils do not like bright sunlight and will rapidly scurry off the plate. I use a real plate, instead of a paper plate, so that it does not blow away if there is a gust of wind.
Some people feel an itchy sensation on their skin from the pod of the hollyhock. When I work with hollyhock pods I wear a turtleneck shirt with long sleeves. After removing the seeds to a drying plate I wash my hands well and change my shirt to avoid the itch. While removing seeds I try not to wipe my face or stroke my hair back with my hand. Even with these precautions I may still start to itch and so a shower with good soaping is warranted.

After the seeds have been in full sun for about an hour I give them a stir and see if any other weevils crawl off the plate. If I don’t see anymore weevils I bring the plate back inside and allow the seeds to dry for a few more days before packing them.