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1) Bientôt l’été, 2011
A holodeck beach simulation. Entertainment for lonely space travellers, based in the literary words of Marguerite Duras. We are lost in space, looking for a man, or a woman, to talk to, in french, if possible.

2) The Graveyard, 2008
The purest distillation of our philosophy of game design at a time when all vidogames were 23hours long and involved combat, we gave the world a game about being an old woman who visits a cemetery. Free download, but pay 5 dollars for death. A Tale of Tales classic. It was featured in the V&A travelling exhibition VIDEOGAMES: Design/Play/Disrupt in 2018
a review where we are mentioned:
and also featured was our 2006 Realtime Art Manifesto
images of the show:

3. Luxuria Superbia, 2013
Something completely different, even for us.
A sex simulation, masquerading as an arcade game. Play it too fast and you finish early… best to learn what the game wants. Use both mouse buttons and be attentive to its response.
For this, we won the NUOVO Award at the yearly Independent Games Festival in San Francisco. Spectacular soundtrack by Walter Hus, who also worked with us on Bientôt l’été, above.
an interview from that time: