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Trail: aesthetics



I am going to have to give my opinion on Aesthetics during the okno Public 01 symposium BeautyInTheAGeOfDigitalArt.
Here i will make a few notes not to forget. What do I find beautiful and why?

` after awhile it became a question of would i still know what i was doing if i stop thinking about myself for a second.

` i think that art should be about the big things
the spectacle
the theater
the fireworks the fountains
→ example, the SUN @ the Tate

` what kind of work can be made for people wanting to enhance their lives because that is something that art can do. comfort you for a moment to think that okay everything is not that bad. maybe its a type of psychotherapy i’m doing. peaceful things, things to remind you that you are just a little part of a big big universe of love and pain.


1. His works, as Bialostocki has pointed out, should be regarded not as the expression of a consistent aesthetic system but as a long series of brilliant solutions to specific problems or requirements.