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Trail: RealTime



some definitions

  1. real-time - Describes an application which requires a program to respond to stimuli within some small upper limit of response time (typically milli- or microseconds). Process control at a chemical plant is the classic example. Such applications often require special operating systems (because everything else must take a back seat to response time) and speed-tuned hardware.
  1. real-time - In jargon, refers to doing something while people are watching or waiting. “I asked her how to find the calling procedure’s program counter on the stack and she came up with an algorithm in real time.”
    Used to describe a system that must guarantee a response to an external event within a given time.

Michael and I use RealTime 3d alot. we are having a love affair with it. since i have begun using 3D I find it pointless to present the work in any way but RealTime. Rendering out an image, for example, seems like too strange. I mean one can always make a 2d image. but here we have an opportunity to make something with can become immersive something which can be interactive or reactive. a way of opening the art form to some new possibilities.

RealtimeProgramming see also: VisualProgramming