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Trail: Rome2017


ProofOfMyExistence OutsideSomeplace

That time we went to Rome and stayed for 5 months.
September 2017 - January 2018
I miss it and plan to live in Rome one day. (it’s part of the 10YearPlan.)


The sketchbook, page by page

  1. Labyrinths. I went there with a project to finish. I made Minorinth for NoQuarter. I thought there might be some trace of the medieval labyrinth in Roman churches. I was wrong.

I went there with notes like:
What will I want to do in Italy?

Antique/Christian architecture
Relics - Scala Sancta

study of sacred art:
figural composition as pertains to decorum and strength of meaning.

architectural constructions around altars and relics

- metamorphosis and identity
- there is more than one art world, there is no art world: only this one.
- the circular nature of art creation
– model in clay, 3d scan, model in computer, 3d print, finish or remodel-rescan, etc.

something that 2d artists have enjoyed forever.
– no reason that our old ethos cannot continue. Rhizome’s “the download”
– a hybrid art which exists in both physical and digital form
– the way we experience art is mostly online images of physical objects.


Places to visit

Visited Churches of special interest


1. The Art Bulletin, Vol. 93, No. 3 (September 2011), pp. 287-303