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Auriea Harvey
b.1971 USA (Indianapolis)/EU (Ghent, Rome)
Welcome to my homepage.

Auriea Harvey is a 3D Artist based on the Internet and in Rome. She creates models for realtime simulations and sculptural fabrications, blending digital and handmade, the virtual and the real. Her creations are informed by a passionate interest in Antiquity and the Future. Choosing polygons as her material she explores Art History, replication/preservation/presentation, ethnography, storytelling, and performance.

Auriea is 1 part of artist duo Entropy8Zuper!/Tale of Tales/Song of Songs, award winning makers of, videogames and XR. She is Professor of Games as Artistic Practice at Kunsthochschule Kassel.

For inquiries, contact her.

Short CV

Complete CV

Song of Songs Simulations

  1. Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
  2. Cricoterie

Videogames by Tale of Tales

  1. 8
  2. The Endless Forest
  3. The Graveyard
  4. The Path
  5. Fatale
  6. Vanitas
  7. Bientôt l’été
  8. Luxuria Superbia
  9. Sunset
  10. L.O.C.K.

Websites by Entropy8Zuper!

What I Actually Do All Day

This site began on 2004-06-20 is Auriea’s EncyclopediaOfEverything,
where she and the TenThousandThings become miraculously, deeply, InterTwingled.
see also: WhatIsAWiki, UnknownKnowns
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